We Are Care

Millions of people are working in professional care. The nursing profession is by far the largest occupational group at all. But is it also the most important? Or the most famous? Those with the highest recognition? Just not. Not yet!

That should change and is about to change by giving the whole profession a long overdue facelift. A face with many facets, a very colorful one, full of variations and very, very human. It should get your face, exactly yours. Not to look around or look the other way: YOU are meant, you, the one reading this text. Log on to the new platform for professional care for free and show with your image, that care has a very self-confident face: yours and bit by bit many, many others, who express exactly what you would like to say: "I am proud to work in nursing."

"We are Care" is a so-called social media platform for care professionals. Here interaction is not only possible but asked for. If you have registered for free, you can professionally or privately exchange information with other members. You can actively participate in important surveys that relate to the technical and political environment of the nursing profession and at some later point, you can also contact nursing homes and hospitals, and other providers and self-care seekers. Also free of charge of course.