Smart Home

The first question what pops in the mind is: What actually is a smart home?
Now looking on the products sold currently on the market and diving a bit deeper in the technolgy offered the next question will rise. Does that really make sense? And that is a very good question, does it really make sense to control lights, curtains, shades, heating or air condition via your phone and does that makes a home smart? We say NO, just to implement the control of a few devices has nothing to do with a smart home. In most cases product is costly, the installation cost even more and at the end you get a product what is more unpractical than the switches or remote control what you use now.

Don’t get us wrong! Smart Homes are a good idea, but it has to be done right. To install a smart home system should make:

  • your life easier and not more complicated
  • it should help you to achieve a higher living quality
  • it should help you to save energy and with that operational costs
  • it should allow you to monitor your house if you are not at home
  • it should allow you to prepare the house for your arrival and
  • most important the smart home should make decisions without your interference

Now having that in mind we started a new development and of course before you implement artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the smart home solution to learn and adopt to user behavior you need first to feed the system with user data and give it the possibility to act. To make an analogy to us humans we need to provide to the system eyes, ears and hands – that was phase 1 and it is nearly completed.

After years developing software we thought it is also time to get not just virtual but also physical products on the market and therefore we started talking to hardware producers and will now start producing our own range of IoT I/O devices equipped with micro controllers having our firmware installed.