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We provide for more than a decade telecommunication solutions to industry. Our customer are international carriers from start-ups to Tier2 and our solution covers the whole voice spectrum from the SPC, switches, routing, billing and invoicing, reporting, accounting till reporting or mobile app – prepaid or postpaid, the whole solution comes out of one hand. As our Voice Trading Department works 24/7 with this platform we are always one step ahead of new trends on the market.

Social Media

Facebook is an attractive and successful social media platform but when it comes to a more specific target group it lacks on performance and functionality. We started to work on that problem and solved it now for Futsal – our platform is much more than ‘just’ a social media platform, have a look.

Smart Home

Early 2018 we started to develop with our Engineers our own smart home solution and we have the objective to do something more than that what can be found now on the market. The word Smart Home implicates that your home should become ‘smart’ and that is much more than just controlling functionalities via your phone.

We Provide Quality


Before we start any development we discuss the strategy with our customer and make sure that he really gets the product what meets all his demands.


We do not out source development! All our software development is done with our own people. From Software Design, Front and back end programming till the App development – all is done in-house.


Rigorous Quality Assurance Process for each module developed - It's better if the app crashes in the hands of our testers than your users.


Complete marketing and branding support - from building brands to marketing communication support


In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first, the cash will come later.

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