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Futsal Stories is dedicate to non-association football and the objection is to provide a platform that unites all the participants of this fantastic sports from all around the world. The aim is NOT to be JUST a social network where people can find friends, post pictures and videos, comment on these, or post on walls and chat. We want much more! We have the vision to provide our users the ultimate web page what unifies all players and fans around the world with sport specific functionalities to overcome technical, organizational and all of the associated issues. Everybody; the guy who plays street soccer, the guy who plays in an amateur club and the the professional player, all should find a home here. Our aim is to provide a safe and user friendly platform that is comprehensive and helps to improve the standing of non-association football in the world. We strive to unite players, coaches, referees, technical workers and fans worldwide in one centralized community aimed at promoting and developing the sport and its users. Creating a virtual space where everybody can communicate with people who share the same passion, regardless of gender, race, religion or color. Bringing the whole worldwide futsal scene right to you through your preferred mobile device, tablet or a compute

What exactly you can do here:


can find other players in your area, you can find cost free pitches or commercial venues with multiple pitches. You can find all of this information and much more in just one place. You will receive ratings, post pictures and videos on a very dedicated social platform, where your posts will not be overshadowed by thousands of news articles and other non sport related content. The content you post here is very important for you, you want to show your talent to the world if it is in pictures or videos will always be easy to find. Set up a match, invite other players to join you or create an open match and let us help you to make the match a success. If you are a skilled player with a good rating who is often featured in videos posted online or on our platform, talent scouts or clubs worldwide can easily find you on this platform. You can use the free basic version or opt in for the advanced version with loads of added functionalities and benefits, to help you to create a comprehensive history of you as a player, coach or referee and the system will update it, with your earned ratings, your won events and received awards. Your very own all in one sports CV, that you can export, print or share in any language we support is waiting for you only on


can follow and track the activity of your family members, your favorite team or club and always stay informed and up to date with what's going on. You can join team chats and have access to team walls, where parents, players and coaches can post content, announcements  and schedules. We help you to organize your club or team activities so you can focus on the sport! If your children are abroad for training or a friendly game, you can follow them online and watch their progress. Communicate with fellow parents to arrange activities such as picnics while your kids play and socialize with others.


Let us help you to grow your business by accelerating your sales! You can promote your own venues by addressing direct your main target group. By creating your own events, such as tournaments or open recurring matches, you invite practically every player who is on our website, if it is a single player, a team or a club. Instead of spending money on adds and commercials let the community work for you!  If you are a venue owner or a manager visit the section or contact us at .... to find out more about promoting your venues.CLUB OWNERs/MANAGERs

Can not only promote their club itself or the club activities but you can sign up and organize all your teams on our platform. Once your Club is signed up you can follow your team activities, or monitor the activates of your coach. You can communicate not only with each team but also with each player and of course reach out to your fans. You look for new talents? On our platform you can find also talent scouts and you can contact them, but you can also easily find talents by yourself, just sort the players according to their rating, their appearance in videos or won awards. Let us help you with talent acquisition, on our platform you can find players or  coaches to strengthen your team roster.


Can plan, execute and monitor their training sessions. Give feedback to each of your trainees, make notes for yourself or share them with selected people. Track progress of your trainees, make strategic plans, post game analyses and rate your trainees with our badge system. Should you look for new challenges, just look out for clubs who list their vacancies.


Let us help you to organize and promote events. You can set up tournaments, leagues or single matches with our integrated event module. The event module does not only helps you to find participating teams, it will generate for you the game schedule, do the draw if desired, lets you track statistics, generate match cards and of course for every change you make the teams are updated automatically. Let us help you with all the  organizational and marketing aspects so you can focus on logistics and hospitality to make your event a hit! We provide solutions for friendly games, one or two day tournaments as well as leagues and support different formats such as knock-out, round-robin or double-round-robin. All statistics will be tracked by our system and can easily be exported for external use, so you have all the results stored and tracked in one easy to access site, so you do not have to waste time with multiple programs. All the tools right at your fingertips to create complete match-card reports with a single click, right from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.